Artful Window Stickers by Bryon Allen of Mandala Arts

Packaged Mandala Arts Window Stickers

4.5" round Window Stickers  -  $3.00 Retail

2-Sided Window Stickers in beautiful translucent colors.
Peel-and-stick adhesive style backing.
Apply to any smooth flat surface.
Visible from both sides.
Indoor or outdoor use.

S66. Crown Chakra Sticker
S65. Third Eye Chakra Sticker

S64. Throat Chakra Sticker
S63. Heart Chakra Sticker

S62. Solar Chakra Sticker
S61. Sacral Chakra Sticker

S60. Root Chakra Sticker
S59. Light Body Sticker

Celtic Peace Window Sticker by Bryon Allen of Mandala Arts

S58. Celtic Peace Sticker
S57. Jewel Lotus Sticker

Flower of Life and Earth Island Window Stickers by Bryon Allen of Mandala Arts

S56. Flower of Life Sticker
S55. Earth Island Sticker

Peace Lotus and Tree of Life Window Stickers by Bryon Allen of Mandala Arts

S54. Peace Lotus Sticker
S53. Tree of Life Sticker
 Temporarily Out of Stock 

Conservation and Aum Namah Shivaya Window Stickers

S52. Conservation Sticker
S51. Aum Namah Shivaya Sticker

Signs of Peace and Enchanted Forest Window Stickers

S50. Signs of Peace Sticker
Temporarily Out of Stock
S49. Enchanted Forest Sticker

Loving Heart and Healing Water Window Stickers

S48. Loving Heart Sticker
S47. Healing Water Sticker

Rainbow Mountain and Pegasus Window Stickers

S46. Rainbow Mountain Sticker
S45. Pegasus Sticker

Yin Yang and TIger Sun Window Stickers

S44. Yin Yang Sticker
S43. Tiger Sun Sticker

Bamboo Peace and Emerald Magic Window Stickers

S42. Bamboo Peace Sticker
S41. Emerald Magic Sticker

Dharma Wheel and Sri Yantra Window Stickers

S40. Dharma Wheel Sticker
S39. Sri Yantra Sticker
Temporarily out of stock

Celestial Mandala and Tortoise Spirit Window Stickers

S38. Celestial Mandala Sticker
Temporarily Out of Stock
S37. Tortoise Spirit Sticker

Lizard Spirit and Nirvana Window Stickers

S36. Lizard Spirit Sticker
S35. Nirvana Sticker

Nouveau Lotus and Central Sun Window Stickers

S34. Nouveau Lotus Sticker
S33. Central Sun Sticker

Star Seed and Quan Yin Window Stickers

S32. Star Seed Sticker
S31. Quan Yin Sticker

Hawaiian Sunrise and Dragonfly Moon Window Stickers

S30. Hawaiian Sunrise Sticker
Temporarily Out of Stock 
S29. Dragonfly Moon Sticker

Sunrise Lotus and Reflections Window Stickers

S28. Sunrise Lotus Sticker
S27. Reflections Sticker

Dolphin Dance and Dragon Fire Window Stickers

26. Dolphin Dance Sticker

S25. Dragon Fire Sticker
Temporarily Out of Stock

Peace Dove and Solar Lotus Window Stickers

S24. Peace Dove Sticker
S23. Solar Lotus Sticker

Eternal Aum and Golden Lotus Window Stickers

S22. Eternal Aum Sticker
S21. Golden Lotus Sticker

Moonlight Lotus and Meditation Lotus Window Sticker

S20. Moonlight Lotus Sticker
S19. Meditation Lotus Sticker

Natural Cycles and Holistic Garden Window Stickers

S18. Natural Cycles Sticker
S17. Holistic Garden Sticker

Fairy Mushroom and Buddha Light Window Stickers

S16. Fairy Mushroom Sticker
S15. Buddha Light Sticker

Oceanna and Wizard Magic Window Stickers

S14. Oceanna Sticker
S13. Wizard Magic Sticker

Maui Moon and Papaya Sunrise Window Stickers

S12. Maui Moon Sticker
S11. Papaya Sunrise Sticker

Plumeria Delight and Sea Turtle Window Stickers

S10. Plumeria Delight Sticker
S9. Sea Turtle Sticker

Dolphin Sun and Awesome Spirit Window Stickers

S8. Dolphin Sun Sticker
S7. Awesome Spirit Sticker
Temporarily Out of Stock

Lovely Lotus Pond and Jungle Frog Window Stickers

S6. Lovely Lotus Pond Sticker
S5. Jungle Frog Sticker

Butterfly Dream and Elemental Window Stickers

S4. Butterfly Dream Sticker
S3. Elemental Sticker

Bella Luna and Happy Sol Window Stickers

S2. Bella Luna Sticker
S1. Happy Sol Sticker